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BrightStars helps families in Rhode Island access QUALITY child care, early learning, and school-age programs. We help child care providers learn about best practices in early learning and apply them to the care children receive. We recognize program quality and give parents information to make choices about their children’s care and education.

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BrightStars supports programs and their continued dedication to quality improvement. High quality early care, education and school-age programs regularly assess their program’s performance to determine what changes they can make to further improve early childhood services.

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Quality Improvement Plan

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Rhode Island developed a common Quality Improvement Plan to help programs document goals and track progress and summarize their program’s plan for advancing along Rhode Island’s quality continuum.

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This document includes policies and procedural information that apply to Environmental Rating Scale (ERS) classroom observations (ECERS-R, ITERS-R, FCCERS-R, SACERS-R) performed on behalf of RIAEYC or RIDE as part of the BrightStars Rating and RIDE Comprehensive Early Childhood Education (CECE) Program Approval processes.

Listed here is a list of courses that are currently approved for ECE/Related requirements within the BrightStars Standards. Please note that some courses have been added as well as revisions for some previously approved courses. As always, once a course appears on this list, it will be accepted now and in all future reviews. Please make sure to refer to the notes for clarification box included in this document. However, please note that the requirement for ECE/Related credits in the BrightStars Standards at Level 3 and higher applies to the standards as they are written today. A future revision to BrightStars Standards may impact the number of required ECE/Related credits. For a full ECE review, please submit a BrightStars Application or Star Rating Increase Application. Please note that for ease of use, the document is divided into several tabs and by color, one for each institution in alphabetical order. Please refer to the appropriate tab when looking for approved courses.

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