Promote Your Rating

Marketing Your Rating Locally

BrightStars congratulates you on a achieving a BrightStars rating. Marketing materials are available for all BrightStars rated programs. These materials have been created to help you promote your program’s participation in BrightStars and inform families of what your participation in BrightStars means.

Marketing Materials Best Practices

Yard Signs

Professional yard signs create curb appeal and are used for local advertising. Place your sign in a visible area in your program yard. If needed, acquire permission for placing the yard sign.


The poster is a way to inform every parent, and potential parent that enters your program about your participation in BrightStars and commitment to quality. Place the poster inside your program in an area that is visible to everyone that enters your program, such as the waiting area.

Window Clings

The window cling is placed on the inside of your program window. Window clings are a great way to attract the attention of passers-by.

Bumper Stickers

A bumper sticker is an adhesive label intended to be attached to the bumper of a vehicle and to be read by individuals of other vehicles. Attach the bumper stickers to program vehicles to reach a large group of families.

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Order Marketing Kits

Marketing Kits for BrightStars Rated Programs

yard sign English

Yard Sign

Window Cling


childrens stickers A

Childrens Sticker

program participation card front


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Bumper Sticker