LearnERS Program

Program Information

What is LearnERS?

LearnERS is personalized professional development that utilizes easy-to-use, fun, online sessions that line up with the items and sub-scales of Environment Rating Scales (ERS). The program utilizes coaching and peer learning to inspire teachers to implement meaningful changes in their classroom environment and practices that can improve the quality of the care and education that children receive.

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What Are The Benefits?

  • A year of coaching with professionals who know and understand the ins and outs of the ERS. We can help you set goals to make your program and vision a high-quality example of best practices in Early Childhood.
  • Paid professional development that directly impacts the work that teachers do in the classroom. This makes it personal AND profitable!
  • FREE welcome baskets with hand-picked items from our assessment team used in the classrooms of our highest-rated programs. Our recommendations and your wish list items shipped from our high-quality must-have items list.
  • Potential to achieve a higher reimbursement rate for programs that accept CCAP. Your BrightStars rating determines your reimbursement rate. Improved quality can be reflected in your ERS score which could then lead to a higher rating and a higher reimbursement rate.

Who Can Participate?

Find out which programs are eligible and how to apply!

What programs are eligible for LearnERS?

  • Programs that meet all DHS regulations.
  • Programs rated 2-3 Stars in BrightStars.
  • Programs rated 1-Star that commit to an increase to at least 3-Stars.

4-5 Star programs may be considered if they demonstrate an inability to maintain that quality rating.

Want to apply? Follow these three steps!

  1. Meet with your BrightStars Navigator to discuss goals and ask any questions.
  2. Complete the application.
  3. Our team will review your qualifications and see if you’re a fit for LearnERS.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Participants are expected to participate in the program for ten hours each month. This time is spent in a combination of independent work in an online portal, a virtual peer learning session, coaching visits, and implementing best practices in your classroom. The self-paced modules take approximately one hour to complete. In addition, participants will participate in a one-hour virtual peer learning session with other early childhood educators from around the state led by a LearnERS coach to discuss the module, your goals, and how implementing these changes provides high quality experiences for the children in your classroom. The remaining time is dedicated to implementing small, immediate changes in your classroom that provide maximum impact on the work you do every day.

The program is designed for teachers; however, directors are given access to the LearnERS portal for the duration of the program. From the portal, directors can complete modules, monitor their teacher’s progress and classroom goals, and set goals for themselves. Directors are encouraged to take advantage of the benefits of access to the LearnERS portal, but participation is not required.
LearnERS is funded by grants, which allow for up to 25% teachers of each age-group [ITERS (6 weeks to 30 months) or ECERS (3 to 5 years old)] that a program serves to participate. For the majority of programs, that is one ITERS (infant or toddler) teacher and one ECERS (preschool or pre-Kindergarten) teacher.
Absolutely! We enroll smaller cohorts of family childcare providers (both English and Spanish speaking) in LearnERS.
The online portal provides easy-to-use, fun modules that allow you to click, drag, save, and move through each category at your own pace. You can check your knowledge of the module and see real examples to practice sorting and categorizing. At the end of each module, you will set achievable goals based on what YOU want to work on in your classroom to implement what you have learned.
Once a program applies to the LearnERS, participants will be assigned into a cohort of other teachers. Each month the cohort meets virtually after working hours to discuss the module of the month with a LearnERS Coach. This is an opportunity to ask questions, get feedback, and learn from and with teachers from all over Rhode Island.

Each teacher enrolled in LearnERS will receive a $1300 stipend given in 2 equal payments, over the course of a year. Participants are also given a complimentary Chromebook upon starting the program and a gift certificate to Pediatric CPR/First Aid training. 

Additionally, participants in LearnERS will receive FREE welcome baskets with classroom materials that have been hand-picked from our assessment team.

Yes. LearnERS has been approved for 30 hours of professional development by The Center of Early Learning Professionals.
There are many different types of support available with the LearnERS program. You will be assigned a LearnERS Coach, who is available to answer your questions and support you in meeting your goals. This can be in the form of coaching visits, feedback on your goals, and materials acquisition.

We don’t want this to be a barrier for you to participate in LearnERS. The portal is very user-friendly, and coaches are available to help you with any technical issues that might arise. We even have Chromebooks and hot spots available to lend if you need them to participate in LearnERS.